The worst/ugliest video games of all time according to me

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I’ve just talked about the most beautiful video games of all time according to me, so the spontaneous question arises: what are the ugliest games of all time? Obviously and strictly according to my personal tastes. It’s not certain that the following list will necessarily include titles “objectively” considered garbage; there could very well be works that are even considered masterpieces. Let’s discover them together!

Note: This article contains strong language that may offend the sensibilities of some individuals. If you believe you are among them, please exit the reading immediately!

Resident Evil 5

I had already mentioned this in the previous article (a Resident Evil among the best games and one among the worst, yeah!) and to be honest, I’ve always considered it a fairly enjoyable title. However, after replaying it recently, my opinion has drastically changed. I believe that it’s the worst Resident Evil ever made, at least up to today and at least among the main installments. A clunky control system suited for a slow, deliberate pace is mixed with an action-driven approach that lacks any style. The result is a poorly executed mixture that becomes a pain to play. Seriously, this recent playthrough made me genuinely dislike it. More horrid than horror!

The Top Moment!!!

Unearthed: Trail of Ibn Battuta (Episode 1)

Well, this is a game that deserves consideration solely for its ugliness. A kind of cult of garbage. That’s why I decided to review it in a fun way on SpazioGames, not out of malice or to mock the great work of the developers (which is always respectable…, but simply because it genuinely caught my attention at the time. It deserved to be discovered by everyone. In fact, I even provided some free advertising for the game since some people bought it based on my review, and I’m genuinely glad about that, because it’s so bad that it deserves to be experienced. A game that already wants to parody Uncharted in its title (and just for that, the developers deserve a bit of teasing), an amateur product even available on official online stores and, at least upon release, priced at eight euros (which I paid out of my own pocket, mind you)! Okay, not a large sum, but let’s be honest: if it had been free, part of the shitstorm could have been avoided, because at least we could appreciate the honesty. Worse than a project made by inexperienced game design students, Unearthed is an unclassifiable work, with all due respect to the development team. I hold nothing against them, really, in fact: what matters is to try and move forward on one’s own path! But the game is terrible, and that can be said without malice. It’s perhaps the most objectively awful thing I’ve ever played. Appalling!

Halo: Combat Evolved

I’ve always thought about trying the various Halo installments, but after playing the first one, I stopped. Maybe I missed out on some masterpieces, but the original chapter was a remarkably ugly experience for me. I discussed it in an article, and an anonymous reader advised me to do some soul-searching (probably just reading the title of the post). I did that, and the conclusion I arrived at was always the same: Halo sucks to me! In the end, tastes can’t be debated. Awful!

The History Channel: Great Battles of Rome

I bought this for the PS2 due to the lack of ancient warfare titles; after the legendary Spartan: Total Warrior and Shadow of Rome, I wanted more battles! Too bad that Great Schifos of Rome made me truly crap out explosively. The genre isn’t really my thing, but I spent nights on games like Age of Empires (just to mention one). With this one, I spent my nights in the bathroom vomiting and defecating. An excellent laxative!

The Sims 2

A title considered beautiful, let’s say. I bought it for the PS2 due to my sister’s insistence and some reviews. I played it through to the end and pretended to like it, but years later, I remember it more as torture. A matter of personal taste, undoubtedly. In fact, The Sims is definitely not suitable for me. Life is already miserable enough, and the game didn’t help. Utter boredom!

Dino Stalker

I swapped this for a copy of The Sims (which I might have reacquired, I don’t remember exactly; perhaps I exchanged it at GameStop for The Sims 2, which I then repurchased to give it a second chance, probably still under the insistence of my sister, as she liked it). As a dinosaur enthusiast, I also pretended to like this one, but looking back, it was quite a bitter pill to swallow. It lasted about half an hour for a cost of around 60 euros, and it was an arcade-style shooter done poorly. Pathetic!

Far Cry 2

Great Far Cry, fantastic Far Cry 3, trash Far Cry 2. An immense annoyance that was tedious like few others to play and complete. I have very vague memories; all that remains from that experience are the tiresome journeys through the African setting. I remember the frustration, in short, but not well enough for what, but I associate frustration with Far Cry 2. I couldn’t wait to finish it and put it aside. The game received overall good reviews, but I didn’t like it at all. Failed!

Deadly Premonition

I bought this game convinced by some positive reviews/opinions, however, in my opinion, it’s not only technically garbage but also very disappointing in terms of gameplay and story. A horrid mess!


Many consider ICO a true masterpiece. I go in the diametrically opposite direction: boring, ugly, tedious, nothing compared to the excellent Shadow of the Colossus and The Last Guardian. Strange (or perhaps not) that a game by Ueda appears in both this article and the one about the best games of all time. Disgusting!

No Man’s Sky

Now perhaps it has been greatly improved and maybe it wouldn’t deserve to be here, but who cares: after uninstalling it, I never had the strength to pick it up again. A game that, in my opinion, was a mockery of the players and frustrated me multiple times. It could have been really great, instead, it was a missed opportunity that went down the drain!

I’ll conclude the list here since I can’t think of any other games that left me with such a bad memory. Generally, I tend to play stuff that more or less fits my preferences, excluding some games I had to review for work, some I tried/saw at events like Games Week (I shudder at the memory of a Barbie game), or other special cases. For example, once I got Zumba Fitness 2 for the Wii as a gift for my sister. I never actually played it, but just looking at it/listening to it made my eyes and ears bleed. By the way, she also thought it sucked. Indeed, among the titles I had to endure for reviewing purposes, there might be various atrocities, but I can’t recall them at the moment. Maybe I’ve subconsciously erased them as a defense mechanism. Oh wait! One was that abomination of Dragon Trainer 2, which I played on the Wii U. I have vague fragments of memories of another game for the 3DS, but I can’t recall the name at all. I also remember an old Worms game for the PS One (which was a gift), something that truly disgusted me. I think I managed to play it for about an hour in total and never touched it again. And thinking about it, I would also mention Super Smash Bros. because it’s a series that I’ve never really liked, and I’ve never been able to understand what’s so great about it (aside from the roster; maybe it’s enjoyable when playing with friends). Even Prince of Persia: The Fallen King for the Nintendo DS was a pretty terrible experience, and I’m sure there are others that I can’t recall at the moment, but probably that’s for the best.

And for you, what are the worst video games of all time?

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