The Last Guardian seven years later: an unforgettable special journey

Note: This article has been translated from Italian by ChatGPT and may contain errors.

At the end of March, I wrote a post about BioShock Infinite in which I also mentioned The Last Guardian. Alongside the title by Irrational Games, in fact, the latter is a work that I have always been afraid to revisit. The wonderful and indelible memory of the first, unrepeatable time is at risk of being ruined, in case the emotions do not come as they once did. Because times change, tastes change, people change. Everything is in motion. But I did it. Even if somewhat reluctantly, I replayed The Last Guardian. If BioShock Infinite managed to pass the difficult test, I regret to admit with deep and sincere regret that The Last Guardian has now left me with conflicting feelings. The technical flaws that I managed to overlook to some extent at the time, this time have partly undermined the poetic journey of Trico and the young protagonist, generating moments of frustration in me.


Perhaps it wasn’t the right time to do it, because The Last Guardian requires patience and calmness, not haste, indifference, or apathy. It requires a soul predisposed to such a unique experience. If in December 2016, also helped by my very low expectations (I consider ICO one of the worst video games of all time and I was afraid of finding something like ICO 2.0), The Last Guardian was literally an enlightenment, today not all the emotionally intense moments have given me the same feelings.

So what? Disappointment? Dismay? Regret? Not exactly. Because as I continued in the adventure, I slowly rediscovered its artistic and playful beauty, the sweetness of Trico, and the sincere friendship between a boy and a fantastic creature. I rediscovered a unique bond, like the one, still strong now, between me and the game itself. And towards the end, more or less unexpectedly, the music embraced my heart again with its power, a shiver ran down my spine, and tears once again slid down my face. Yes, perhaps the emotion of the past is unattainable, but The Last Guardian has proven to be a wonderful, intense, unforgettable, moving journey, in a word: special. A journey to be jealously kept in the drawer of memories, or maybe not, because, unlike the story’s protagonists, I have the ability to choose. And I don’t want it to be a heartbreaking farewell, but just a simple goodbye. So, life permitting, whether it’s in one, two, five, or maybe ten years, this won’t be the last time. No. It won’t be… Until next time, Trico!

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