The best/most beautiful video games of all time according to me

Note: This article has been translated from Italian by ChatGPT and may contain errors.

In the past, I talked to you about the most exciting games for me (many of which we’ll revisit today), those that I replay/replayed the most, and even the ten most beautiful video games according to my mom and dad. But what are the greatest games of all time, the most beautiful games in the world and throughout history, that I’ve played? Let’s open 2022 with a list, in completely random order, of video games that have rightfully earned a place in my heart, at least until now. Many iconic titles may be missing from this list, titles that have made history, but I might not have played them due to my age, or they might have “escaped” my attention, or they might not match my tastes, or perhaps having played them more “recently” didn’t have the desired effect on me. That being said, here are the best video games of all time according to me!

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

Alright, this one isn’t in random order, it undoubtedly deserves the top spot on the list. The Legend of Zelda series is my absolute favorite; I wrote an article about it on these pages before. All the 3D installments are, in my opinion, unique and equally beautiful (more or less). If I had to choose just one, I couldn’t help but say Ocarina of Time, which I still consider the best video game ever created (among the ones I’ve played, and beyond). Light years ahead of the rest. An absolute masterpiece!


Fallout 3

Another great masterpiece, at least in my personal judgment. An incredibly engaging and immersive experience at the highest level, despite a rough start and mechanics to get used to. It was almost like living through that post-apocalyptic wasteland firsthand. All-encompassing!

The Witcher III

An exceptional game, at least in terms of story and narrative. Beautiful!

Dead Space 2

I recently spoke about the Dead Space series, not hiding my preference for the second installment. Sure, the first one is always the first, but in my view, Dead Space 2 perfects the gameplay while staying true to the original spirit. More fun, therefore, but without compromising (or at least not too much) the excellent atmosphere. Monstrous!

The Last Guardian

Shadow of the Colossus is certainly a unique, captivating, and remarkable work, which I appreciated and loved immensely (and is definitely worthy of mention). However, when I “have” to choose my favorite of Ueda’s works, I go with The Last Guardian. One of the most moving experiences of my life. Nothing more to say. Touching!

Prince of Persia (The Sands of Time Trilogy)

I had the chance to talk about it during my summer marathon. The Ubisoft Prince of Persia trilogy truly marked my childhood/adolescence and will always have a special place in my heart. Perhaps I prefer the second and third installments for gameplay reasons, but it’s the overall story that captivates and engages. Impossible to pick just one. A legendary trilogy! UPDATE: I have to add Prince of Persia 2008, an amazing title that did something before The Last of Us (and received criticism for it) and to which I dedicated this article.

Resident Evil 4

A tough choice because while I consider it truly a masterpiece at the time of its release, replaying it today shows some signs of wear and fatigue. Maybe if I had to choose the Resident Evil installment I’ve enjoyed the most so far, I’d probably point to the Resident Evil 2 remake, which I played not too long ago. However, Resident Evil 4 is the episode that introduced me to and made me love RE, and at that time, it was a visceral, fulfilling, and incredibly exciting experience, unlike anything before. A title that also enjoys historical importance, laying the foundation for many titles to come. So: historic! Note: I recently replayed RE 5 and I think it’s one of the worst games ever…

Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 3

The first Mass Effect didn’t capture me 100%, unlike the two sequels. The trilogy as a whole, however, remains one of the most emotionally rich and varied journeys I’ve ever experienced. Despite its so-so gameplay and certain things that could have been improved, and the controversies surrounding the ending, Shepard’s trilogy is truly something else. Epic!

Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door

I’m madly in love with all the Paper Mario games, but the second installment, The Thousand-Year Door, is something extraordinary. Unfortunately, I haven’t played it in a while, but what remains is the memory of one of the most enjoyable and exciting adventures ever. Special!

BioShock Infinite

Yes, nothing particularly exceptional on the gameplay side, but I can’t help it, the story of BioShock Infinite is perhaps the one that has struck me the most overall until now. The ending left me stunned like never before and like nothing after. I couldn’t not mention it, despite the gameplay issues and some pacing problems in the narrative. Far from perfect, in short, but I liked it much more than the still good (but perhaps slightly overrated) BioShock and the somewhat underrated but equally good BioShock 2. In one word: brilliant!

Red Dead Redemption 2

I have to say that right now I’m a bit undecided about Red Dead Redemption 2, so I purposely left it at the bottom of the list (a bit like Zelda, which is at the top). I’m not sure if it deserves to be among my top picks, but I think it’s seriously one of the few masterpieces released in recent years, if only for its obsessive attention to technical details and extraordinary longevity (perhaps even a bit excessive, to the point of becoming a downside). Monumental!

Special Mentions

I’ll begin with a game that I adored for its madness, simple and immediate yet incredibly fun gameplay, and its entertaining irreverence (and if it weren’t for the Italian dubbing of the game’s unique show commentators, it probably wouldn’t even be on this list). An undoubtedly flawed work, especially in terms of duration, which is quite short, but it managed to etch itself into my mind and never leave. Unforgettable! Which game am I talking about? MadWorld!

I can’t omit mentioning Super Mario Bros. and Super Mario 64. The first was my first video game, the one that got me started with video gaming and made me fall in love with video games. The second was the one with which I seriously began my career as a gamer and that left its mark on my childhood.

Among the special mentions, I also put Resident Evil 2 Remake, for the reason mentioned above. A great game and a great remake that rekindled my passion for RE.

Alien: Isolation is another title I consider worthy of mention because I find it meticulously crafted in every aspect (a rarity) and it’s one of the best horror experiences I’ve ever had (along with Outlast, which, however, is necessarily more limited). A game that truly deserves more recognition and attention.

Hoping not to have forgotten anyone (which is likely), I’ll close with The Unfinished Swan, which I consider an absolute gem. The first time I played it, it captivated me absurdly, transporting me to its dreamlike world. It was like living a brief but beautiful daydream with my eyes wide open!

UPDATE: After giving it some thought, I’m also adding Uncharted 4 to the special mentions, as a reward for the Uncharted series, which, for better or worse, has represented an important part of my life as a gamer. The second game is perhaps the most balanced, but it didn’t captivate me on the first playthrough, while the fourth had its flaws, but I already considered it an almost masterpiece and a worthy conclusion.

And for you, what are the best games of all time?

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