Considerations on God of War: Was It Better Before?

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On April 20, 2018, the new God of War was released. Despite some reservations, I was genuinely excited about the change in direction. With Ascension, it was clear that the series was dragging on without a true direction and was in desperate need of a refresh.

God of War: The Last of Us version

Now, having thoroughly experienced both God of War 2018 and Ragnarök, I realize how these last two chapters failed to capture my heart like the original episodes. Considering a debatable ending, I even appreciated Ragnarök’s narrative, which some have described as dull. However, in my opinion, these two new experiences have a particular subjective flaw: boredom. Essentially, they are quite boring to play. They feel diluted, slow, watered down, and at times, even drowsy. The bestiality, epicness, violence, anger, charge, the POWER that made Kratos the character he is, or rather, he was, is missing. Also absent is the fast-paced and adrenaline-fueled rhythm. A more “mature” plot or characters don’t necessarily translate to a better work. However, the “profound and mature” Kratos is the shield that many use to defend the new God of War vehemently. But it’s a fragile shield.

So, I ask myself: did a series like God of War really need this? Did it need to mimic other works and give up its more barbaric and Spartan essence? Playing God of War III again today, when even the intro that plays before the actual game gets you more pumped than the entire new chapters, makes one thing clear: no, it probably didn’t need this SPECIFIC change in direction. So, give me back the simple malice, give me back the fingers sinking into Poseidon’s eyes, Helios’ torn-off head, Hercules’ shattered face, and Cronos’ spilling guts. Give me back God of War! Because yes, damn it, that God of War, the simple and rough one, did exactly what a God of War should do: entertain.

god of war 3
When Kratos was still Kratos

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